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When I finally managed moving laboriously out of bed and started to make me ready for school, I hurried up like every morning.While I rouged me I heard "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran ,many times.What he sang of kissing under the light of a thousand stars, that everything is predetermined and there must be a plan from above. The rows disappeared in my head but I hummed  the melody all the time in front of me.When I arrived  in school, I was so tired that my make-up flew down my cheeks and I could not stop yawning which seems always like crying.I wanted to lie in my bed but realized that I still have to remain for some time at school,,, How long? "I asked the person sitting next to me still hoping that maths would be ended soon. Instead,  the 45 minute seemed so long because of  all my questions which were pretty hard drawn in length and I vowed going earlier to bed this evening.The silence in the bus, I felt was very pleasant because everyone heard music, was staring at his smartphone and lived quietly to himself.Tired eyes, bored look and no emotions,What is a laughing smiley still worth when you hang with your grimly face in front of the screen?What about the second you "wasted" to type it in ?Wasted, because in my opinion lies deserve no value.In the evening I asked myself so many questions,When I tried to fall asleep,  my head thought too much and the  whole day was in my head.Picture by picture  passed "revue".The ticking of the clock and the pointer that barely you had sent two messages on "Whats app", was on the same location as previously.And I wondered what was happening at this moment.She was lost. Ignoring people I love and taking all the doubts from a person a way every day while I should just help them becomming more assertive can´t be the reason.It is lost and has no meaning. A waste of my precious time.Yes, I write precious time! Still, some may argue that they have "ever" time and I would be too pessimistic but I see myself more as a realist.Please help me and yourself!Use the math lesson to learn and acquire a good job.Let the people you love, know you do.Clear all the self-doubts out of the way and talk plain text.Be honest but polite and simply ignore those who consider themselves to be "better".Know what you're talking and be aware of what you give of yourself.Appreciate each "Tick" and every "Tack" and the time you have.
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